Our Objectives

Our Objectives are:

  1. Women awakening
  2. Women education
  3. Free legal aid/assistance/help/support and legal educational camps
  4. To educate against social crimes
  5. Troubleshooting/Liberation from Dowry Problems
  6. Literate to men and women by programs coming under adult education
  7. Avoiding family breakdown
  8. Take the help of the same objective organization
  9. Implementing social welfare activities by obtaining financial assistance from government and private institutions
  10. Free Immunization and Nutrition for Children etc.
  11. Arrange and encourage women hostels
  12. To provide protection and education to street children and to implement related activities.
  13. Operating primary level to higher learning centers
  14. Encourage talented players and cooperate in providing training and employment to them.
  15. Implementing Women and Child Development Projects
  16. Organizing and promoting medical and health related programs
  17. Working related to environmental protection, plantation and water conservation
  18. Working for the development and protection of Indian culture, folk arts
  19. Working to protect human rights
  20. To work for the benefit of poor, orphans, women, old age and children
  21. Conducting of women’s ashram, children’s ashram and old age homes.
  22. To work for the development of SC / ST / OBC and benefit from various government sponsored schemes.
  23. Providing information of various welfare schemes for development of rural areas and Providing training related to small cottage industries
  24. Working in the field of science and technology and conducting various projects
  25. Cooperate in wastelands, drought-prone areas and natural disasters
  26. Working for the Prevention of Women’s Harassment
  27. Working for the development and support of the differently abled people
  28. To operate the women hostel/ gangotri girls hostel
  29. Emphasizing natural management and empowerment of women